Referrals List

Please be mindful of the following guidelines:

  • You can choose to wait until your HMO group sends you a letter by mail, with approval/denial confirmation. For faster response, follow the instructions below.
  • Only your HMO group (listed below) can authorize your referrals.
  • Our help desk staff can only send referrals on your behalf. (we can Not approve them for you)
  • Please call your HMO group to check the status of referrals sent, and to receive further instructions on how to follow with the approved providers.
  • For new patients: It may take up to 2 weeks for your HMO group (listed below) to add you to their portal.
    • Referrals can be submitted only after your name is added to the HMO portal (listed below). Please call them to confirm.
  • The above mentioned notes refer to your HMO group (listed below), NOT your health plan (Anthem blue shield/blue cross, Cigna, Aetna, Healthnet, etc). Your Health plan may assign you under our group, but the changes may not automatically reflect on the HMO portal for verification.
  • ThriveCMG takes no responsibility for changes in selected provider names that are directly caused by your Medical Group referrals personnel. We allow our patients to select their own preferred providers to be referred to. However, your HMO group may independently change the provider we placed for you, to direct care to their own preferred providers. Please call them directly to change the selected provider to your preferred ones. We understand that the above mentioned issue may cause delays, but we have no control over how HMO groups handle the requests we submit on your behalf.

Regal/ Lakeside Medical Group
Authorizations Direct 818-637-2000
Main Line 818-654-3490
Customer Service 1-866-654-3471 – Option 1, then Option 1
Fax: 818-933-0571 or 818-933-0584

Providence Care Network
Authorizations 855-359-6323
Fax: 747-229-2360

Axminister Medical Group
Authorizations 855-359-6323
Fax: 747-229-2359

Imperial Health Holdings Medical Group
Authorization office 626-838-5100
Fax: 626-283-5021

Healthcare Partners/Optum Care Network
Authorizations: 818-205-0900

Brand New Day
Authorization: 657-400-1205
Fax: 657-400-1240

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